Tales for that Idiot who took this train

14 janvier 2008 Comments Off

To R. from S.

I've had my time playing on lands of plenty. Grey was the asphalt and dark blue was the sky, few years ago. I've had enough hours of simple joys, and now I deserve to be alone. So I lost you, and my neck broken among that lake, I didn't want to explain. I hung around this pretty river who told me not to drawn myself yet. There is this past that weight upon my shoulders. No, I didn't want to explain. We walked for a while on the calm road for bicycles and families surrounded by trees. He asked me if I wanted to cross the park and I said sometimes places and people are linked. Half of this city is cursed you see, from the docks to this fucking fountain. Now everything is calm I claim, oh yes calm down boy. Midnight the parking is darkened by homeless guys sleeping near the grocery. I really deserve to be alone. There is a misunderstanding, I wanted you to be thrown away, you're that past that weight, as she was the I-wish-you-were-dead. So you took that damn train without a look back and you're right I didn't care. They told you I was too drunk to fuck that night. But it was a new year and I smelt like a queen, mixing blood and gold behind my ears. I met a handsome prince and we suddenly faded from the others. We forgot this fucking knife party, the mistletoe was rotten and the cake spicy. He loved heroin and great threesome. We didn't talk too much it was the eleven september of ecstay and amber. We destroyed and rebuilt the world in one kiss. I told you truth's gonna hurt, I'm not proud of what I became, but I wont lie anyway. You lost friend, have to be happy without me, I deserve to be alone. My kind kind sweet fellow I dare you to live, you, who never knew the salty taste let in the mouth when being left.

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